Tuesday, November 27, 2007


And internet's legs spread open, someone shouted PUSH! and ta-naaa, congratulations... it's a blog.
don't breast-feed it cuz you might mess up your keyboard.

I actually wanted it to be on Wordpress. That didn't work out for some strange "i know this e-mail so fuck off" reasons so here I am. And it's not that bad actually. It's nice. Nicer than wordpress. SIMPLER! And a blog still.

Not much of a first post but hey, better than "fuck it, i'll do it tomorrow". a whole damn year full of "fuck it, i'll do it tomorrow."
Not anymore.


It starts here.
Still in Paris.

1 comment:

Mihai ANGHELOIU said...

Nice...vewy nice!

Google services are always the best, because anyone should have a feeling they are not alone behind their passwords ;) ... if you get the drift...

So, keep busy, and "don't forget to write!"

PS: Is this an English, German, French or GoodOl'Mancamiatzi blog?