Monday, February 18, 2008

silver and orange are the only words that don't rhyme with any other word in english


ulea said...

strange orange and limber silver are...?

Eusebio Digital said...

bai astea rimeaza pe romaneste ma :)) ca d fapt e streingi orengi (nu oreingi) limber silver nu e rima stiu ce sa zica doamna brebenel daca se puncteaza. oricum nu cred ca nu exista cuvinte care sa nu rimeze. eu cred orange rimeaza cu deflorange. care e un cuvant in limba engleza pe care tocmai l-am inventat.

dudums said...

strange orange clar nu.
de limbå silvå hmm... depinde si de poet acu

dar toate ca toate, asta am gasit scris pe pliculetul cu sos iute din pot nudålii de asearå.

daca vom gasi ceva clar, cu dovezi alea alea, dåm pot noodles in judecata si ne cumparam o insula.

pana atunci, noi sa fim sanatosi

Anonymous said...

despre dudums, vå voi povesti altå datå.
e din letonia, låsati-l in pace

yours faithfully,
mrs brebenel

Utopia said...

Utopia said...

ah, nu merge, ideea e ca nenii aia de la oxford zic -doua puncte- "Orange is one of those words that famously has nothing perfectly to rhyme with it. The other one is silver. However, the Oxford Rhyming Dictionary does show both these words as having half-rhymes (such as lozenge with orange and salver with silver).

The principle of a half-rhyme in these cases is quite simple. Whereas a full and stressed rhyme (e.g. hand / stand) or even an unstressed rhyme (such as handing / standing) contain vowels that are common to both words, a half-rhyme like orange / lozenge or silver / salver (technically speaking, pararhymes) has obvious differences between vowels in certain syllables".


Eusebio Digital said...

mama asta da dezbatere. dar eu tot n-am inteles care e faza cu pot noodles. sincer.

Doamna Brebenel said...

in pot noodles. plic de sos iute.
pe plic de sos iute, era acest fact.
bine asa?

deci nu-i putem da in judecata, nu?
pfii... nu ne mai cumparam insulå...