Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sex shop past haunts florist

REIGATE, England (UPI) -- A florist shop in southern England is haunted by its past as a purveyor of adult DVDs and sex toys -- every morning when the front window mists up.

Clare Ross, owner of Willows, told The Telegraph she sponges the window every morning when the words "licensed sex shop" appear on the wet glass over the Interflora sign. The next morning, the reminder that the shop was once called Pillow Talk is back.

"We are trying to sell love and romance, not sex," she said.

Willows is located in Reigate, a quiet market town in Surrey.

When the letters first turned up, Ross tried hard to exorcise them. The problem was that glue used to hold the letters of the old sign had gotten into the glass, and a professional cleaner equipped with scouring pads tried lighter fluid and rubbing alcohol but could not get the lettering out.

Ross contemplated replacing the glass but then a funny thing happened -- she got used to the sign.

"People come in to ask us if we realize there is sex shop emblazoned on our window and end up buying flowers, so maybe we'll keep it," she said.


e.u.s.e.b.i.o d.i.g.i.t.a.l said...

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Doamna Brebenel said...

poate asa nu ma mai gandesc la prostii.

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