Wednesday, November 4, 2009

taa daaa

cred cå ce mi-am cumpårat audio original ultima oarå a fost metallica garage inc. si eram clasa a 9 a.

evident, habar nu am cum så folosesc itunes storeul. e un mister. mi-am fåcut cont toate alea si må aruncå intr-o mizerie de librårie cu doar aplicatii de iphone.

- talk about those absent as if they were listening in;
- try not to give advice you can't follow;
- drunkenness is cowardice, sobriety is loneliness;
- people don't want to be greedy, they want to be happy; but they're often too greedy to notice;
- unlocking life's mysteries is the responsibility of dissatisfied people;

(phrazes for the young, in cårticicå)

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tebatman said...

pentru ca ai cont de iTunes romania baaa Canadianule!